Sunday, 10 September 2017

good enough

Only three inches by three inches but full of power. For mothers out there who are doing the best they are good enough. For anyone out there who is doing the best they can.. It's so easy to get caught up in it all especially with all the beautiful images of motherhood and family life that are shared on blogs and instagram, that I too am guilty of looking at and judging myself by comparison.
 You give everything to your child but often it doesn't feel good enough and leaves you utterly depleted...and the energy you use up being a mother leaves little for other areas in your life, making you feel the guilt of also not being a good enough wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist, the list goes on. So I made myself this little reminder, on a scrap of dirty old frayed quilt. Even when I think I'm not...I am good enough. I hope it helps you too.


Irene Donovan said...

I felt like a zombie through lack of sleep when mine were young, it does pass.....

KC'sCourt! said...

You should have one that says "I am very good at this job and a very proud mother"

Julie xxxxxxxx

May said...

You most certainly are good enough as all Mothers are... I love your sweet make.... May x

indigocarole said...

A lovely piece of work. It should be on everyone's notice board, sketchbook and bookmark. Thanks for reminding me " I am good enough"


jubilee 2017 said...

beautiful! ❤️

Margaret said...

I am 65. My children are 36 and 32...and I still often feel that way. an artist, sometimes the "Voices", the ones that repeat in one's ear, "Who do you think you are", make me wonder if I am 'good enough'. This is the perpetual human insecurity. Thank you for your lovely, comforting piece.

bayou said...

Dear Christine, what a beautiful reminder you have created, again! I so hope you will feel one day like I do know. All these troubles and feelings of being overstretched or not able to respond in the right way to the needs of your child, I think, are just normal ones related to motherhood. One day you will be able to look back and find out that it was all worthwhile the immense effort. Try to enjoy and relax - I know it is much easier said than done. xxxoooxxx Anke

Patgel said...

Hi, your work is beautiful!! a good reminder for me at the moment.

For you, don't feel guilty about anything, this is your time of being a mother, everything else can wait.
Enjoy it!!

Conniecrafter said...

so very important to keep that message around at all times, especially young mothers!!

Linda Walker said...

I love those words! Sometimes it is hard to remember them! Lovely work!

Liz A said...

Better than fine ...

Unknown said...

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VegasRN said...

I raised five as a single parent and know initimately how those negative thoughts can invade your mind. At the time I was working as a nurse in Utah’ (USA) in a psychiatric ward where we treated women who were depressed because they had strong feelings of worthlessness. The majority of them were beautiful, accomplished women but in their social and religious circles there existed a very lofty standard which was almost impossible to maintain. Simple reminders such as this little 3x3 piece has the capability to keep those self destructive thoughts at bay. Nicely done.

Barbara said...

Thank you

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The Primitive Moon said...

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Lainie said...

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Love your work!

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