Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Shirt Collar Project

This is just a little glimpse of my completed collar for The Shirt Collar Project - a collaboration involving ten British female textile artists and the original idea of my pal, the lovely Kathleen of Murgatroyd and Bean fame. We were each given a vintage shirt collar and given free reign to re-create it. You can read more about the project at the A Group Gathering page and see glimpses of the other artist's work. I'm excited to see the final collars in all their glory and the different ways the artists have responded to them........


vintagerockchick said...

What a lovely tempting treasure - I've just been over to read about the project and now I can't wait to see all of the finished pieces.
A lovely idea

Doreen said...

Your work is so amazing ~ I am so happy to have found your blog :)

Montrue said...

just wanted to let you know, that I love all your work!
I never have enough time to do anything like that.
Love visiting your blog.
You are very creative......Monika