Friday, 12 April 2013

Paper Tales

These are some cards I made for the Crafty Vintage Market. I used to make a lot of cards like these but haven't made any for ages. I'd forgotton how much I enjoy putting them together, using the ephemera I've collected over the years, old letters, maps, music and book pages. Then choosing just the right buttons, beads and fabric scraps to complete them, and tell a little story.


zue said...

These are so beautiful. I discovered your blog a few days ago and find it so captivating.
You have encouraged me to do some stitching:)
Have a lovely weekend

Jayne said...

These are so beautiful Christine I thought they were pictures. I love the way you have incorporated lots of elements in each one. Hope you are well. Jayne x

Sarah's Gone to Wales said...

Love these. Your blog is so beautiful. I am always delighted when the email arrives to announce a new post. Keep going! X

florenel said...

I like these works very much. The different materials are fabulous.

ZanzibaR decorative products said...

it doesn't happen often, but here, i am speachless ! extremely good job ! :-)